Bulror Productions Inc. is a privately held full service production company serving Canada and the U.S. For over twenty years we have been helping our clients tell their stories in unique and compelling ways. Using the latest camera gear and editing tools, our talented production crew will bring your story idea to life.

Our greatest strength lies in our many years of experience. We’ve produced everything from single camera to multi-camera shoots. Greenscreens, jib arms, indoors and outdoors. We’ve shot from floatplanes, helicopters, steamships and pickup trucks. We can create a carefully blocked script, or we can shoot on the fly and make most of the creative decisions back in the edit suite.

Every project is different and we take great pride in each video we produce.

Let us tell YOUR next story.

Heart and Stroke Foundation “Dave’s Story”



Brand videos, web-mercials, conference videos, events and gala awards videos, retail LCD screens, infomercials, social media videos, and training videos. In addition to all of our corporate video work, we’ve produced a half hour travel show, edited dozens of reality shows for major networks, created broadcast commercial spots, edited three documentaries and produced radio ads.

If you can think of it, we can do it.

Just want a cameraman?  We can arrange one for you, with or without gear.

Need your footage edited?  We’ll cut you something beautiful.

Do you need a video from scratch, including creative, planning and execution?  That’s our specialty.

Something Wicked This Way Comes – Spot #1 “The Grown-ups Don’t Believe”


We are often asked questions like “How much is a two minute video? Or a five minute video? Or even a thirty minute video?”

It would be great if it was that simple. Questions like this can only be answered by assessing each project on a case by case basis. Some of the variables are: Do we need to cast for on-camera talent?  How many shoot locations are there? Will it take days or weeks to edit? Do we need visual effects? Is it for broadcast or for online? Will there be narration? There are many additional issues which need to be addressed before determining a cost.

However, what we confidently tell people is:

• our rates are fair and competitive

• our productions are polished

• our crews are talented and experienced

• we use professional equipment

The first thing we do is have a conversation about your goals, expectations and of course your budget range. At that point we can begin to determine a cost for your production, regardless of how long the final product will be.

Contact us and let’s start that conversation.

Selftraits “The Buzz” (on-site production of multiple videos, posted to social media during event)